$50 per employee, one-time

No monthly, or annual fees. And we offer you a 14-day free trial.

That's it. For example, if you have 10 employees, you'd invest $500.

If you hire someone new, say next month, it's $50 for that one person.

Frequently Asked Questions

One time fee per employee, is this real?
Yes, we believe that managers should keep getting feedback from their team so we didn't want to prevent that by charging a monthly or yearly basis. Once you paid, you will always have access to FeedbackMeter for your team.
Can I get invoiced instead of paying through a credit card?
Absolutely. Just contact support to get that set up.
Will my data be secured and private?
Absolutely. You access FeedbackMeter through a secure SSL connection. Your data is not public and can be viewed only after you are authenticated using an encrypted connection. It will not be shared with anyone else (other companies, 3rd parties, etc.)
Will FeedbackMeter work for any company?
FeedbackMeter works great for companies or teams who have between 2 and 100 employees.

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